Silvio Amato

Born in Catania on the 10th April, 1961, Amato started to demonstrate his vocation for music from an early age. After several years of training in classical piano, Amato was largely self taught, and he went on to collaborate, both as keyboard player and composer, with a variety of pop artists. Moving to Milan in the mid-1980's, Amato's career diversified again, adding to his pop collaborations, compositions for Italian commercial television (Mediaset). During this period Amato collaborated with Massimo Ranieri for the 42nd San Remo music festival, and wrote numerous compositions for children's television, including several commercially successful cartoon theme tunes. In the 1990's Amato broadened his horizons once more, as he became increasingly involved in television music production; this work included writing and producing music for soap opera and early evening variety shows, as well as numerous programme theme tunes. Amato's extreme compositional freshness is greatly suited to visual material, and cinema film scores were a natural progression.