This is a list of some of our voiceover clients.

24-7 Chicago
9 Dot Square LLC
Amalgam Digital
American Dad Fox TV
Angel Eye Media
Animal Planet
Anthony Gore
Apolis Media
Apple Computers
ARC Technologies, Inc.
Arriba Entertainment, Inc.
Attorney Bonnie Allen
Attorney David Larsen
Audio Labs Inc
Becker Media
Blair Treu
Blue Wave
Booty Pop
Booyah Advertising
Collenip Intellectual Property Law
Cooper and Me, LLC
Creative Interactive Agency
Dana Farber Institute
Deutsch LA Inc.
Devine Mulvey Political Group
Dr Ken Kroll
Dr. Bennett
Dr. Ken Kroll
Dr. Paul Richardson
Elm City Communications
Black Math
English Channel Korea
Fiction Film GmbH
Firelight Media Group
Fleishman Hillard Inc.
Gartner Communications
Geomatrix Productions
Gil Santos
Grey Healthcare Group
Halfadeer VFX
Handle Like Eggs Productions Miami
Harvard Education
Harvard University HDS Religious Literacy Project Short Films
Heron and Crane Productions
Horovitz Communications
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ID Design
Jeremy Rener - Actor
J Paul Getty Museum
Jared Patrick
John Davidson
Jones Lang LaSalle
Kevin Barron ESQ
Kindle Communications
Lawrence General Hospital
Lippis Enterprises
Luke Ryan
Marv Albert
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Port Authority
Meadville Lombard Theological School
Medical Information Systems, Inc.
Metropolitan Pipe
Mike Mathias Productions
Mullen Advertising
Museum of Fine Arts
MySporties Inc.
National Security Agency (NSA)
New England Foot & Ankle PC
New Line Cinema
New York - Presbyterian
Nuovomedia Laboratories
Ocean One Productions
Office of the Public Defender
Omniverse Group
One Pica, Inc.
Osprey Grey Healthcare Group
Pearson Education
Perkins and Will
Peter Bielagus
Pharma Interactive Medical
Pioneer Investments
Principal, Sonodea LLC
Private Island
Psychiatric Neuroscience Program, Lazar Lab
Random House
Rennert Translation Group
Rhea Communications
Rick Sweetser Sound
Salient Surgical
Sarah Gibson
Sarah Winchester Studios
Senator Scott Brown
Seven45 Studios
Shaw Science Partners
Steve Pagliuca for Senate
Strother Strategies
Success Magazine
Such a Voice
Taylor Imaging
The 7th Art
The Electric Company
The Freeway Guides
The Law Offices of Zwickers & Zwickers
Three Bean Press
Tier One Performance Solutions
Toolhouse, Inc.
Tufts Medical
Vista Higher Learning
Wave Generation
Weinstein Company
WGBH From the Top
WMS Media
X-Mix Productions
XLR8 Mobile
Year Up