Jeremy Page

Jeremy Page is a producer/engineer with over ten years of professional experience. He recently completed a new Ep with his band, "That Handsome Devil", who has been featured on the Harmonix/MTV video games "Guitar Hero 2" and "Rock Band 2", as well as the hit Showtime TV series "Weeds" and the CW's "Reaper".

In the last year, he has mixed and mastered numerous projects for Boston-based record label Amalgam Digital. This includes Joe Budden's critically acclaimed sophmore album "Padded Room", along with the hit single "The Future"(featuring LA Hip-Hop artist "The Game"), as well as albums for Max B, Tame One(Artifacts), Kurious George, Peedi Crack, and others. Jeremy is known for his versatility and ability to contribute to many genres of music, co-producing albums with local and national artists including indie bands "The Mystery Tramps", "Dead Spin", and "Big Time", and Hip Hop artists "Thirstin Howl the 3rd", "Sadat X", "Hurricane G", "Mr. Lif", and "Millys" to name a few.

He is currently working on a full-length album with NY based singer-songwriter Kendra Morris, who promises to be a household name in the coming years.